Potdevin LM Label Paster

Portable, and perfect for short runs and special jobs.

“Hand- or motor-driven models boost production, add quality to labeling. Regulator controls exact amount of adhesive. Single operator can supply as many as three or four workers applying labels manually. Used to save time and money in more than 20,000 plants. Widths available: 6, 8 1/2 and 12 inches.” -Potdevin


Hand- or Motor-driven Gluer

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  • Applies water-base liquid glue to labels for adhering to boxes, jars, bottles, candles or other items
  • Applies accurate coating of latex, varnish, lacquer, resin, paint, etc. to various pliable materials
  • Applies coatings to rigid materials when equipped with the proper attachments
  • Edge and Strip gluing possible with proper attachments
  • Basic design is over 100 years old and has proven to be rugged and versatile
  • 1 year warranty – except motor which is 30 days; wear parts are excluded
  • Three roller widths: 6”, 8-1/2” and 12”
  • 115vac, 60Hz, 1 Ph. motor drive or hand crank non-electric
  • Stainless steel glue roller, two gear driven stainless steel feed rollers and stainless striper fingers
  • Epoxy painted cast iron glue pot
  • Scraper bar adjustment by regulator dial


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