Champion Model 800-20


  • Top and bottom belt drives provide extra closing force on overstuffed cartons and better handling for unstable cases
  • Tape heads are engineered for performance and packed with features to provide the most reliable tape head in the industry
  • Designed to operate at up to 30 cases per minute for increased productivity

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Roller Conveyors

  • The Champion 800-20 comes with 16 inch entry and exit conveyors with chromed steel rollers and smooth running precision bearings for easy case movement and long life.

Locking Swivel Casters

  • Heavy duty locking casters allow the Champion 800-20 to be easily moved around a facility to a work area, or moved aside when not in use.

Tape Head

  • The Champion 800-20 is equipped with a pair of Champion 502 Series tape heads which are loaded with features to give you the most reliable and flexible tape heads in the industry.

Top Guide Squeezer Rollers

  • The included squeezer rollers ensure the top flaps of the case are fully closed to provide a good sealing surface and keep the contents secure

Heavy Duty

  • All-steel construction, sturdy design, and powder-coated surfaces make the Champion 800-20 durable and reliable for years of industrial use.

For simple and reliable case sealing!

The Champion 800-20 utilizes dual top and bottom belt drives that provide the best performance for cases that are overstuffed or tall and unstable, where side belt drive systems are less suitable. The machine can be adjusted quickly for different box sizes using a crank handle and two locking knobs.

Champion case sealers are equipped with Champion 502 Series tape heads which provide accurate and consistent tape application to the top and bottom of cases using any 2” carton sealing tape. Champion tape heads are engineered with the most heavy duty and reliable components in the industry, and are packed with features for flexibility.


Uniform Top and Bottom Drive Case Sealer


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