In the realm of commercial packaging and labeling, Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers have emerged as indispensable tools for achieving high-quality printing results. The packaging industry has embraced CIJ printers for their versatility and ability to meet the diverse needs of various sectors. At F.J. Smith Sales Co., a prominent packaging equipment supplier in California, we recognize the significance of CIJ printers in modern printing solutions. In this blog, we will explore the top applications for CIJ printers, highlighting their role in enhancing efficiency and meeting industry demands.


Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage sector, where compliance with labeling regulations is crucial, Our California CIJ printers shine. These printers can produce legible and accurate labels on various packaging materials, including glass, plastic, and metal. Whether it’s printing expiration dates, batch numbers, or ingredients, CIJ printers ensure the necessary information is imprinted clearly, promoting consumer safety and regulatory compliance.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

The pharmaceutical industry demands precise labeling to maintain product integrity and patient safety. Our CIJ printers in California excel in printing tiny yet legible text on small packaging surfaces, such as blister packs and vials. They can also handle serialization and barcoding requirements efficiently, which are essential for tracking and tracing products through the supply chain.

Industrial Packaging

CIJ printers find extensive use in industrial packaging, where products often require marking for identification and tracking. From building materials to automotive parts, CIJ printers can mark on a wide range of substrates, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. With this, F.J. Smith Sales Co. helps manufacturers maintain clear inventory records and facilitate quality control.

Electronics and Component Manufacturing

Electronic components and assemblies often require precise marking for identification and traceability. Our California CIJ printers can mark directly on circuit boards, connectors, and other electronic parts without causing any damage. The high-speed capabilities of our CIJ printers are particularly advantageous in industries with large production volumes.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

The cosmetics and personal care industry relies on attractive and informative packaging to appeal to consumers. Our CIJ printers in California can print intricate designs, logos, and promotional messages on various cosmetic products, enhancing their visual appeal and brand recognition.


Continuous Inkjet printers have undoubtedly transformed the packaging industry by providing versatile and reliable printing solutions. As a leader in packaging equipment, F.J. Smith Sales Co. understands the importance of staying updated with technological advancements. Since 1921, we’ve been committed to offering the latest innovations in coding, labeling, marking, sealing, and stenciling equipment.

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