MARSH® RM Stencil System


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  • Two-piece system uses external inking: roller tool and separate foam pad
  • For those who stencil on an occasional basis – once or twice per week or month
  • 3” wide tool for multi-line stenciling; 1%” tool for smaller stencils and 4!4” tool for extra large areas
  • Popular stencil marking system since 1956 to mark any surface with Rolmark, PolyRolmark or ‘efi’ inks
  • Call regarding ink compliance with performance requirements of (CID) A-A-208C and A-A-00208D(AR)
  • System Parts
    • Roller Tools – black plastic handle with canister
    • Replacement Rollers – 1.875”od foam, with poly canister
    • Pad only – nylon case with hinged cover
  • Starter Kits
    • efi Ink Kit — all-surface water-base ink, low VOC Black only
      • pieces: RM20 roller tool + RM50 pad + quart black ink
    • Rolmark Ink kit — all-surface alcohol-base ink, Black only
      • pieces: RM20 tool + RM50 pad + quart black ink + quart solvent