MARSH® Pogo Hand Printers


  • Portable stencil and printer combination can be used anywhere
  • Standard Printer – for flat surfaces
  • Rocker Printer – for curved surfaces
  • Ink is distributed evenly through the multi- layered print pad – no excess waste or mess
  • Unique stencils made from “tea bag” material and treated with paraffin and special oils for clear, easy marking
  • A single stencil can mark up to 100 or more cartons
  • Marking systems come with a 4 oz (118 mL) bottle of porous black ink

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The Easy Way to Make Your Mark.

“Looking for a quick and economical way to hand mark your shipment? The Marsh contact marking printers, stencils, and inks can mark up to 100 cartons for very minimal cost – much less expensive than using labels that only mark one box each! Use the inked contact marking printers and attached stencil for shipment addressing, product identification, and even caution symbols! There are also stock and custom die cut stencils that allow you to choose an already designed stencil for your application, or supply us with artwork that we can reproduce on stencils. This system allows you to hand mark repeatable information for only pennies a shipment.” -MARSH


Available in Standard and Rocker Models

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