MARSH® Fountain Brush


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  • The Marsh Fountain Brush ensures solid stencil coverage and strong clear marks.
  • Great for uneven surfaces, such as crates, or concrete.
  • No-mess operation – ink refill is at the handle end of the brush.
  • Extend product life with replaceable brush tips.
  • Use brushes for porous and non-porous applications with the appropriate ink.
  • Includes polypropylene cap to protect bristles. Use with K or Rolmark ink.
  • Made in the USA.



  • One-piece, all-metal construction – handle holds 3 ounces of ink – enough to mark hundreds of stencils
  • Refill handle with Rolmark inks, PolyRolmark inks and “K” inks
  • Best for those who stencil daily or several times per week
  • Thumb-activated, gravity-feed pump feeds ink into a open-cell foam roller, as you need it, while you stencil
  • The foam roller portion is replaceable and comes with a new canister and cap
  • Order 3” wide tool for most multi-line stencil marking and 114” tool for smaller 1 or 2 lines stencils
  • It is less expensive to order the tool and gallons of ink although some users prefer pouring quarts
  • Includes poly canister (cover & cap) plus washer and screw
  • Rollers are 1.875” outside diameter open-cell foam over a perforated internal metal cylinder
  • Tool parts such as the thumb pump, spindle shaft and o-rings are stocked for user replacement

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