Garvey Label Applicators

Standard label stock

  • Standard labels feature “X” format break-apart slits to prevent repositioning. Available at additional cost without x-slits – one piece “R” format
  • All-purpose/freezer adhesive: will not fall off below freezing (-30°F) – good for all temperature use

Label colors

  • Standard – white, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, pastel blue and pastel yellow
  • Custom colors: any PMS color with min. production run
  • Custom preprinted labels are available
  • Available are pre-printed stock labels such as SELL BY or BEST BY or USE BY or GROCERY or FREEZER, etc
  • A free black ink roller is included with each pack of labels – except 3719 size

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Print and Apply Applicator System for Price and Code Labels

1-Line and 2-Line Label Applicator Guns

Hand held print & apply label applicator system


  • For product pricing, “use by” dating, inventory codes, shipment tracking, seasonal marking, SKU numbering, etc
  • 1-line models have “message slug” capability to print on each label (see bottom of this page) or use pre-printed labels
  • Easy drop-in label loading, virtual jam-proof operation, self-aligning label print, lightweight ergonomic design
  • Fast drying ink for instant, smudge proof impressions with high quality print bands for large and easy to read print
  • Squeeze and the label is printed and dispensed….the roller nose wipes the label onto any surface
  • Print and mark dozens and dozens, maybe a hundred products per minute
  • Each applicator comes with a black ink roller

*Available in Standard Print and Big Print

Price and Code Labels


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