APN Series Label Applicators


  • Available in 3 sizes for different widths of labels
  • Manual trigger applicators with special sensor allowing only 1 label to be fed at a time
  • Label edge detector stops trigger feed at end of each label – no sprocket or ratchet holes or notches needed
  • Wipe-down roller on nose of applicator aids label placement
  • Squeeze of trigger advances each label approximately 1”- 2.5” (larger labels require more than one trigger squeeze)
  • Operator squeezes trigger and pulls applicator along surface to be labeled for quick and accurate label placement
  • Easy label roll loading plus tear-off blade to remove liner waste
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For Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels

Available in 3 sizes for different widths of labels, the hand-held AP65 series of label applicators does repetitive labeling in a fraction of the time of hand labeling. These durable, lightweight, easy-to-use applicators apply all types of die-cut labels to any surface. Equipped with a unique sensor which automatically adjusts the label stroke, operators can increase productivity by simply squeezing the trigger and knowing that only 1 label will be fed. See below for dimensions and necessary information regarding these unique machines.


For Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels

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