If you’ve been searching for an easy-to-use inkjet printer for your business, the Linx 10 CIJ (continuous inkjet) printer is the best candidate for the job. Not only is this printer smaller in size, but it also has a broad range of printing capabilities such as:

  • bold character printing
  • lower-case and upper-case text
  • rotated character (tower) printing
  • text, symbols, and numbers
  • variable character height and width

The innovation behind this technology is why this printer is so wanted for commercial and industrial use. With superior print resolution quality, the Linx 10’s ease of use and streamlined workflow makes it one of the most efficient printers on the market today. However, the primary reason to consider adding the Linx 10 CIJ printer to your business operations are the five benefits listed below:

  • Cost-effectiveness and incentives – the Linx 10 CIJ printer is an investment that will provide numerous financial benefits for your company. Owning your equipment will eliminate the need to outsource your projects. Compared to in-house production, you could incur huge up-charges and uncertain delivery dates that can affect your schedule as well as those of your customers.
  • Higher quality, greater volume printing – If you outsource your printing jobs, you’re gambling on whether or not the customer or your employees will be satisfied. While outsourcing companies claim that their technology is cutting edge, most are using antiquated equipment and unsuitable for your business application.
  • More efficient, simplified workflows – the Linx 10 CIJ printer is far less confusing to use compared to its older, more complex counterparts. With minimal mid-production adjustments needed and very little set-up time involved, print jobs can run unattended and completed within much tighter periods.
  • On-demand possibilities – with this printer, finished products can be turned out in very little time, thereby enabling you to handle more unique customer requests. It will give you an advantage over your competitors. Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to create seasonal and timely projects.
  • Shorter waiting periods – outsourcing your printing projects means tolerating longer turnaround times, no guaranteed delivery dates, and production problems that can delay shipping times. On the other hand, the wait time for the finished product is non-existent with the Linx 10 CIJ printer.

Higher quality finished products, improved workflows, and numerous cost benefits – could your business benefit from these things? Of course, when it comes to quality printing, investing in a quality industrial printer helps.