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    The "Original Shipping Room Supply House" for southern California began in 1921 on Spring Street in Los Angeles when Jimmy Smith began selling stapling equipment, marking crayons, carton knives, shipping tags & fasteners and similar items. Stencil machines, oiled stencilboard, stencil inks, custom-made stencils and stencil brushes were added in 1932. After World War II, gummed tape machines for carton sealing and label gluing machines & water-base label glues for product identification were added. 

    As southern California grew during the 1950s, 60s and 70s, so did Smith Sales with additional shipping room supplies such as packing list envelopes, felt-tip markers, cable-ties and door security seals, together with more marking devices and coding equipment such as rubber stamps and inks, carton addressing hand stencil printers, metal markers, conveyor coders, and price/sell-by marker-coders, plus sealing equipment such as pressure-sensitive carton sealing machines and carton sealing tape. During the 1980s and 90s, as technology advanced, inkjet coders, barcode and electronic label printers, and hotstamp reciprocal coders joined the team. Label dispensers and applicators, case erectors, bag sealing equipment, hotmelt glues, and steel and plastic strapping equipment and supplies now round out the product line. 

    In 1990, F.J. Smith Sales moved from the downtown Los Angeles area (after four earlier moves) to a 10,231 square foot building in the city of Commerce. We-continue to sell the machine systems and the consumable supplies while we offer repairs and parts. And as we embark upon a new century, we promise the same quality and value that has sustained us for 80 years.

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